It is so painful to see how we are living the word of God. He recommends us to be always joyful

(1 Th 5:16) but what are we doing in return?

Some will say: I have too much problems; others will say: I am not in a good mood today. However, there is no reason to disobey to God’s will.

As for me, I believe God is aware of all our difficulties and the joy he expects to see on our face is the one which is above all our problems; the joy which the Lord Jesus gave us through its sacrifice for our salvation from which derive the amazing grace to live with him forever.

So whatever are the obstacles you are facing, never give up think about how our elders                       in faith were persecuted

and the fact that nowadays our brothers and sisters in some countries cannot even expressed their joy in Jesus publicly because of antichrist spirit which reign over there.

Consequently, they are constrained to meet secretly while here in Cameroon we are free by legislation governing religion.

So, always remember that the Lord is watching over you no

matter the time he takes to answer you, persevere on Jesus side

keeping your eyes right on him and your joy will be complete.

Praise the Lord!

                                                                       Marusha TIOGUEM

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